CARMELO SORTINO.  Canadian Artist.
Original oil paintings.

Carmelo Sortino




About Carmelo.

Carmelo was born in 1939 in the small town of Francofonte on the  Island of Sicily, a land rich in ancient history, culture and art..

He came to North America in the early 70's, spending some time in New York and Montreal before finally settling in Vancouver where he owned and operated a number of successful Pastry shops and restaurants. He slowly but surely began to appreciate the strong connections between his two great passions, food and art.

As Carmelo says:

"I use fruit as a metaphor of sensuality in much the same way that Morandi used his bottles, Cezanne his beloved Mont-Ste-Victoire, and Pollock his paint. All are endless sources of inspiration. Each piece of fruit is individual in colour, shape and texture, and that is what I strive to achieve with each painting. A unique work of art, a total visual and sensory experience for the viewer".

Carmelo is self taught but has been painting full time for the past 30 years of his diverse, exciting life.  His vibrant larger than life luscious paintings, prove that life is indeed a veritable feast for the eyes and soul.

His studio on the Sunshine Coast in B.C. is a hive of artistic activity as Carmelo continues to work hard producing unique colorful works of art.

His work hangs all over the World in many Private and Corporate collections as well as Museums.

Additional work by CARMELO SORTINO can be viewed at : WWW.SINGULART.COM